Welcome to the Brain and Cognition Laboratory at Queens College, which is affiliated with the Ph.D. program in Neuropsychology and the undergraduate track in Neuroscience.

Our primary purpose is to understand the neural and psychological mechanisms underlying a variety of higher cognitive functions, including those related to the different types of human memory (e.g., personal experiences, knowledge of the world). We are also interested in understanding the role that executive processes play during such activities as memory retrieval and the selection of responses when there are competing response tendencies. To study these phenomena, we measure the electrical activity of the brain, known as event-related brain potentials (ERPs), while participants perform cognitive tasks. The ERP provides very precise information on the temporal changes in brain activity that occur as stimuli are processed, from the earliest perceptual stages until processing is complete.

Contact Information:

Lab e-mail:QCmemorylab@gmail.com
Phone number: (718)997-3262
Location: New Science Building (NSB) Rm E343