Laboratory Facilities

The ERP laboratory at Queens College is a well-equipped lab. The in-house developed data acquisition software allows brain potentials to be recorded from human subjects while they perform a wide variety of cognitive tasks, utilizing all types of auditory and visual stimuli. Recording of EEG and ERPs is accomplished with a 128-channel amplifier system from Sensorium and a Polhemus Isotrack system is used to make accurate measurements of the electrode positions and digitized models of the subject's head.

An extensive set of general-purpose data analysis programs has also been developed in-house. These programs are used to perform the full range of ERP analysis, including waveform display, plotting, quantification and statistical analyses, and the creation of topographic maps of the scalp potentials and current source densities (CSD). Localization of the intracranial sources of the ERP potentials is done with Michael Scherg's BESA software package. All laboratory computers are linked directly to an in-house file server, as well as to a campus-wide computer network.